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Books for Beginners

A Simple Guide to the Basics of the Bible

This PDF contains the first of three different books. Each book is written to serve as a starting place for most Christians.

A Simple Guide to the Basic Teachings of the Bible

This PDF contains the second of three different books. Each book is written to serve as a starting place for most Christians.

Other Books

A False Kind of Christianity

In this work, Dan Jensen offers the conservative Evangelical community a no-nonsense assessment of the growing and aggressive progressive Christian movement. Jensen provides two chapters of personal testimony, a short overview of the history behind the progressive Christian movement, a brief summary of the teachings of the movement, and then he clearly elucidates the fact that the progressive Christian possesses absolutely no biblical foundation. Jensen makes it clear why this movement must be countered by conservative Evangelicals.

Calvin's Controversial Vivifying Flesh Doctrine

John Calvin taught that by virtue of the incarnation and hypostatic union of Christ, our Lord’s flesh was enabled to be a channel for the divine life of the Godhead, that we as Christians need for salvation, to flow through and then be given to us by the power and agency of the Holy Spirit. Since Christ’s flesh was so enabled it can rightfully be called “life-giving” and not just in the sense that this flesh is united to the Logos or because the second person of the Trinity did His work of accomplishing redemption in that very flesh. No, the flesh of Christ can be called life-giving chiefly because it functions as a channel of divine life that is given to us when we are united to Christ by faith and it is this life that regenerates us, sanctifies us, and eventually brings us to glorification. Calvin often uses the word “vivify” or its derivatives to describe the flesh of Christ and its specific efficacy. This work argues that Calvin did clearly articulate this doctrine, that his doctrine is in error, that the fact that the Reformed community in large part abandoned his doctrine was a good thing, and all calls for a return to Calvin on this point are misguided.

Harmonizing the Gospels

It is very common to read or hear that the biblical Gospels cannot be harmonized. In fact, many go so far as to mock any attempts at resolution as a fool’s errand. This phenomenon, often combined with other attacks on the biblical text, can cause Christians to doubt the trustworthiness of Scripture, along with adding fuel to the fire of those that would seek to discredit the faith. In Harmonizing the Gospels, Dan Jensen walks the reader through the Gospel of Matthew, carefully comparing it to the other three Gospels and demonstrating in a point-by-point fashion that no contradictions exist between the four biblical Gospels. Many works have addressed alleged contradictions among the Gospels as part of broader themes and therefore often do not address every major accusation of contradiction. Furthermore, many of these works are either highly technical or are at the very least somewhat technical. Harmonizing the Gospels, on the other hand, sufficiently answers the objections of skeptics while remaining highly readable for all audiences and avoiding many other subjects so as to keep the work reasonably short and manageable. Have your faith strengthened and learn how you can answer the accusations of alleged contradiction that are so often leveled at the Gospels by skeptics of the Bible by delving into Harmonizing the Gospels today.